Key Steps To Applying Feng Shui Outside Your Home

Applying Feng Shui Outside

There are many factors involved when applying feng shui outside your home, especially when assessing the land which surrounds it.

If you are choosing a plot of land to re-locate to, there are some invaluable feng shui principles that can become very helpful in determining the amount of good chi in a particular plot of land.

Birds, Dragons, Turtles and Tigers

applying feng shui outside

There are four celestial deities which take the form of the phoenix (or bird), dragon, turtle and tiger and are used to help describe the disposition of chi in a location.

The animals represent land forms and their shape and location are important factors that can help to find a place between them known metaphorically as the dragons’ lair, which represents heaven on earth.

Chi flows according to the the earths shape, it’s motion follows the shape of the terrain, it flows within the ground and gathers where the terrain stops.

Essentially, you’ll be pinpointing a living location where the chi is pooled together, i.e. the lair, which is said to bless the occupants of the home with good health and wealth.

You must first understand what is represented by each animal so that you can identify any similarities with any land you’re considering living around. Each animal represents a season, color, and also a yin or yang polarity. Imagine looking at the lay of the land  from above and moving clockwise.

The first animal is the crimson bird or more specifically the red phoenix. The phoenix represents the south, summer, the color red and yang chi. Typically the features of the land form represented by the phoenix must be lower than the others in height. It can also represent a body of water like a river or lake, not just land.

Next is the white tiger, representing the west, autumn, the color white and yin chi.  The terrain of the tiger’s land form is typically longer and lower than that of it’s eastern dragon counterpart, but higher than that of the southern bird.

These are key points to remember when  applying feng shui outside your home.

The black turtle is next, representing north, winter, black and yin chi.  The turtles land form features should be the highest, above the phoenix, dragon and tiger.

Lastly is the dragon which represents the east, spring, color green and yang chi.  The features of the dragon’s land form should be higher than the western tiger and lower than the northern turtle.

The location of the dragons’ lair, where chi is pooled, is formed by the center positioning of the phoenix, tiger, turtle and dragon, and is where your health and wealth will be enhanced.

There are lots of benefits to  applying feng shui outside your home, which will help you boost the particular energies in your life that need it the most.

City Living

In today’s modern city living, there are less places that will be surrounded by such mountainous terrain, but don’t worry if you can’t see any hillside tiger or dragon.

Just remember the position that is most favorable for the landforms to be in, the turtle supporting behind you, tiger to your right, dragon to your left and phoenix in front of you.

Applying feng shui outside your home in the city, with many intersecting road locations, sky scrapers and other man-made things may appear to be vastly different than the ancient methods we described before, but there are simple ways to translate their meanings into modern life.

Symbolically, for those of us with inner city dwellings, the creatures can also represent buildings, like your neighbors to the left (dragon) and to the right (tiger).  The turtle would be situated behind you and must not overshadow your home nor block any sunlight.

If there are no structures behind you, simply building a large enough fence or row of suitably sized trees will serve as support, security and protection for your back side.

Having any plans or photographs of the land before you buy it will prove very useful when applying feng shui outside your home and assessing it in particular for using the four terrestrial creatures.

It would be best first to focus on the negative factors of the land or building you are considering, and decide if these can be corrected or cured further down the line, rather than finding it’s good points first which could potentially bind you to it’s faults.

There is still much much more to consider when applying feng shui outside your home,  more than what we can learn from the four creatures, but they provide a great start to finding a place of good chi.

Factors such as locations on different road types, facing roads, on the curve of a road and even river courses hold invaluable information that can affect and disturb the balance of your chi.

However, applying feng shui outside your home using these principles as your first steps to finding your ideal road location for your home and will ensure that your chi, health and wealth will have a good balance and the potential to flow freely in your home.