The Bagua Map: Feng Shui’s Blueprint To Balancing Your Life

Bagua Map Feng Shui

In feng shui a map can be used to help you quickly evaluate and change your environment in order to maximize chi. It will help to optimize your health, productivity and improve your quality of life.

This map is known as the Bagua map (pronounced Ba-gwa, see diagram below).

Bagua Map for Western Feng Shui

The bagua map, feng shui‘s blueprint, relates directly to different parts of your life. A total of nine aspects of your life are covered and each has it’s own specific characteristics and related elements which are very important to be aware of when decorating your home.

By properly understanding and implementing harmonization techniques in each of the bagua map feng shui areas, you will in-turn be harmonizing each area of your life.

As shown in the bagua diagram above, there are nine zones or sections and each correspond to nine major areas of your life; prosperity, fame and reputation, relationships, family, health, creativity and children, skills and knowledge, career and life path, helpful people and travel.

You can overlay this bagua map onto the floor plan of any room or even your house, to harmonize and increase the positive flow of chi.

Make sure that you position the bagua so that the ‘career / black / water’ section is where you enter the room via it’s main entrance.

This will allow you to correctly layout the bagua and identify the right areas specific to you which you can then enhance accordingly. This will start you on your way to improving your life.

Remember you don’t need to address all areas at the same time. You can pick and choose which areas you want to work on or see improvement in, that’s where the fun begins.

Bagua Map – Feng Shui Area: Wealth and Opportunity

If you are experiencing money problems, or financial issues of any kind, you will want to focus on the corresponding section of the bagua map.

It’s color is purple and you should use wood and water elements here such as fish, money, jewelry, fountains, any red, purple or gold items.

Bagua Area – Feng Shui Area: Fame and Recognition

This life area on the bagua is used for people who are looking for any kind of improvement to the current reputation status, and becoming more recognized.

It is represented by the color red and it’s most important related elements are fire and wood.

You can decorate your fame and reputation space with items such as feng shui candles, awards, plants, incense, or any red, orange or purple items.

Bagua Area – Feng Shui Area: Relationships and Love

If you’re looking to start or improve upon a relationship of any kind, with your boss, a friend, partner or relative, you should focus on this area.

It’s corresponding color is pink and it’s related elements are earth and fire.

Think of putting paired objects like crystals, statues or pictures of loved ones, round or oval mirrors or just anything pink. Make sure it’s paired off to represent the unity of two people.

Bagua Area – Feng Shui Area: Family and Foundation

Work on this area of the bagua map and you’ll be addressing issues with your family, such as boundaries or communication. This area will help bring harmony to your home and the people in it.

Its color is green, but also the colors of black and blue can help. It’s main element is wood.

Family photos or heirlooms would be ideal in this area.

Bagua Area – Feng Shui Area: Health & Wellbeing

Whether suffering from an illness or just aiming to improve your all-round health and keep illness at bay, the center of the bagua map, corresponding to the center of your space, is where you should focus.

Its colors are yellow, brown and orange, and its elements are earth and fire.

To achieve harmonization here use bowls and quiet music or anything yellow will help.

Bagua Area – Feng Shui Area: Children & Creativity

If you are wishing to have children, having difficulty with a child in your family or simply want to improve your creativity, focus your efforts here.

The element to add in this location is metal and the main colors to use are white and light earth tones.

Keep your computer in this area, artwork or puzzles and of course, white objects.

Bagua Area – Feng Shui Area: Skills, Knowledge and Wisdom

Improving your knowledge in a particular area or acquiring new skills is a very important part of life, and this area of the bagua and subsequent space in your room can help you.

Its color is blue or green and the element to use here would be earth.

When using feng shui to decorate your home, be sure to place bookcases, books or tools for self development here to boost this area’s energy.

Bagua Area – Feng Shui Area: Career & Life Path

These areas of your life can be harmonized to improve your efforts.

The color to use here is black and the element to use is water.

Try using water fountains or mirrors in this space or even images of future goals you want to achieve.

Bagua Area – Feng Shui Area: Benefits, Helpful People and Travel

Achieve increased benefits in areas of travel, planned journeys or help from various sources that will improve your guidance, spiritual or otherwise.

It’s color is silver or gray and the elements to use here are metal and water.

Place images of your destinations, or any travel related items which can also be of a grey color to achieve maximum potential.

The bagua map is a great harmonizing tool which is simple to understand and can be used to achieve amazing transformations in all areas of your life.

There are also many more related objects which could be used in specific bagua map feng shui areas but I’ve given you have a good understanding here to get started and improve your life right now!

Try it for yourself!