Bagua – The Road Map to Happiness and Success


The bagua is a tool that we use in Feng Shui to help analyze the energies of our environments. It is a template that depicts nine interrelated aspects of our lives that are mapped out over a space or area.

By focusing on each of these areas, we can then influence the energies of these aspects of our space and subsequently of our lives based on the principles of chi, yin and yang and the five elements.


Origins of The Bagua

The term bagua loosely translated means ba = eight and gua = areas. We often include the center of the map as another area, making nine.

The origins of the bagua come from Taoist cosmology or more specifically, the book of the I-Ching, an ancient book used to foretell the future.

In modern feng shui, the bagua is the fundamental tool we use to help us change and have more control over our lives.

The Principles of the Bagua

The idea is to attain the perfect balance of energy or chi. When we create balance, we invite harmony, peace and auspiciousness to that area. That area then relates to one of the nine aspects of our lives i.e. career, knowledge, family, wealth, fame, relationships, creativity, travel and health.

When we achieve this, good things happen in relation to that area of our lives.

When we have blocked, stagnant and unbalanced chi in a particular area or space that we live in, this results in bad energy which can cause kaos, unease, bad luck and even illness to occur.

We rely on the bagua to determine which area of our lives corresponds to that space. We then use the teachings of feng shui and the principles of energy and elements to cure that area or allow the chi to flow more freely for better circumstances and a better life.

We use the bagua, or feng shui map, as a guide in any space that we frequent or spend a lot of our time such as our home, our land, in our bedroom, at our place of work or office space. The bagua can be mapped to any area large or small.

Each area of the bagua has its own unique symbols, colors, personalities and elements. We then use this knowledge to help enhance that area.

How to Use the Bagua

The bagua can be represented as an octagon or more simply in a 3×3 grid. The side of the grid which represents career is laid out in line with the entrance to the space, whether it be a house or a room.

We can then conceptually compartmentalize the room or house into the nine areas as laid out by the bagua. This is how we use the feng shui map.

For example, I’ve laid out the bagua 3×3 grid with the career side in line with the wall of the entrance to my bedroom.

When I walk into my bedroom and stand in the middle, behind me to the left is the area of skills and knowledge, to my left the area of family, to my front left is my wealth corner, in front of me is fame, in front to the right is love and relationships, to my right is children and creativity, behind me to the right is travel and helpful people and behind me is career.

Where I stand in the middle is health.

If I wish to enhance my love life, I know that the relationships area of the bagua is associated with the element of earth. If I check the productivity cycle, I also know that fire helps earth.

Therefore I know that to enhance this area I could for example place two red earthenware jars in the relationships part of my bedroom. The red symbolizes fire, the jar symbolizes earth and having two symbolizes two people in the relationship.

This is just a basic example of how you can use the feng shui map and the knowledge of feng shui to improve your life.

It can help you pinpoint areas of your life that you wish to enhance, as well as identify trouble spots in your life that may require your immediate consideration.

Focus your attention and energies on what you want to achieve with the bagua and feng shui and you’ll begin to see your ideal life transforming in no time.