Bamboo Plants and Why They’re so Lucky

Bamboo Plants

Bamboo plants are highly recommended in Feng Shui as an excellent cure in one’s feng shui arsenal, but they can also be used or given as good luck plants.

Bamboo plants are flexible and peaceful and yet strong and resilient. They last a long time and flourish throughout the year. This makes it an ideal plant for symbolizing money and health.



bamboo plants

These bamboo plants have gained the reputation and label of lucky bamboo and they are renowned for bringing great luck and fortune especially when they are given as a gift. So, what makes them lucky? I’m glad you asked.

Why are Bamboo Plants Lucky?

What makes these bamboo plants lucky is when they are displayed in a way that represents all the five elements of earth, water, fire, wood and metal.

The wood element is covered by the bamboo plant itself, earth is represented by rocks that can be placed at the bottom of the roots of the plant, water of course is what it needs to survive, fire is often represented by the color red in for example a ribbon placed around the pot and metal is represented by containing the plant in a glass container.

If it is already in a pot made of some other material, then often a metal coin can be added inside the vase or pot.

Associating these bamboo plants with all five elements is lucky because it essentially represents balance and harmony with no one overpowering elemental energy.

Choosing a Lucky Bamboo and Deciding Where to Put it

If you’re shopping for a lucky bamboo, then here are some tips on how to choose the one for you.

lucky bamboo

Stalks What it represents Where to place it (check your bagua map)
2 Two people Love and Relationships sector
3 Happiness, longevity and wealth Wealth or Family sector
4 Academic success or creativity Either knowledge or creativity areas
6 Luck and prosperity Wealth sector
7 Good health Health area
8 Growth (lucky number in feng shui) Any area you want to improve
10 Perfection and wholeness Any area you want to improve
21 Powerful all-purpose blessing Any area you want to improve
Bamboo towers Promotion as it represents climbing Career area of your home or office

Placing these specific bamboo plants in their relevant sectors will only enhance their luck in that area, however the power of the plants will still work if you place them in the areas that you want to enhance most, irrespective of their stalk count.

Looking After your Lucky Bamboo

What’s most important about these lucky bamboo plants is that they stay in healthy condition. A dying, sick or neglected plant attracts bad chi which in turn will give you bad luck so you want to make sure you’re giving it enough attention.

They are mainly indoor plants and generally don’t need much sunlight, indirect sunlight will do.

Make sure there is always fresh water in the vase or pot, filtered water is best as the minerals in tap water can sometimes harm it. The water level should be kept at an inch above the end of the stalks.

These plants make great housewarming, birthday or even thank you gifts, such as this gift kit.

lucky bamboo gift

They are great for relieving stress and mental tension which make them ideal for the office or desk and of course they can attract prosperity, good fortune and growth when placed in the right areas of your house, room, office or workplace.

If you’re interested in buying one of these lucky bamboo plants for yourself or a friend, then you’ll find a great range of them here, including the ones pictured in this article.