Understanding The Basics of Feng Shui

Basics of Feng Shui

Just like your very own personal feng shui manual, understanding the basics of feng shui will introduce you to the techniques you can use to create good energy in your life which will help you to attract or manifest positive things in your immediate environment.

The term feng shui represents the art and science of living in harmony with your environment.  It literally translates to mean “wind water” which in combination creates good energy or “good chi”.

basics of feng shui

There are a few principles in feng shui that you should be aware of. Knowing and understanding these key elements will be vital in achieving optimum benefits from your efforts.

If feng shui is understood and implemented correctly, it can help you bring miraculous changes to the most important parts of your life.

This makes even knowing the basics a very powerful tool and one worth learning, especially if  there are particular things in your life which you would like to enhance.

Attracting love, wealth, harmony and happiness are some of the main reasons people look to feng shui which is why it has the potential to evoke life-changing results that you will truly benefit from.

Yin and Yang

Yin (black) and Yang (white) are opposing energies, like negative and positive or night and day, they relate directly to the balance or harmonizing within the universe.  Peace and prosperity will be achieved in your environment if these opposing energies are well balanced.

Achieving a balance of these elements is the main focus when learning the basics of feng shui.  A simple rule to be aware of is that too much Yin creates stagnation and isolation, and too much of the Yang element creates destruction, chaos and agitation.

The Five Elements

Energy from chi manifests in five forms, the five elements of water, wood, fire, earth and metal.  Chi  is translated simply to mean “life force”.

Chi can impact your life force in two ways, either by strengthening, which is known as good chi or blocking, negative chi.

The five elements of chi energy interact with each other in cycles and the arrangement of your living area will depend on knowing these cycles, then applying them in various forms to enhance different parts of your life.

The Cycle of Production creates positive chi and is used to guide the placement of objects in your home.

Each of the elements have their own unique qualities and characteristics which will help you to determine the correct element, in the correct sequence and where to apply it to achieve a productive cycle which is a custom solution to enhancing a particular area in your life.

A non-productive cycle could potentially be a Destructive Cycle, and can lead to bad events and misfortune if elements in your living area are arranged in an destructive sequence.

Learning the feng shui basics will provide you with valuable knowledge you can use to prevent the bad and promote the good in your environment.

Balancing the Elements

On a closer inspection of your home, a destructive cycle may be found which could reveal a link to any weaker areas of your life. Don’t worry, this can be treated by simply understanding the basics of feng shui I’ve shown you here.

You can create a productive cycle that can correct or balance out a destructive one by utilizing the elements.

This can eliminate any problems areas you may be experiencing in your life and even enhance them if you so wish, creating a life for you that is better than you ever thought possible.

In feng shui there are always methods to balance many areas of your life so that good energy can be maximized and enjoyed.

Being aware of the five elements, their cycles and learning how to balance them are the essential steps in beginning to understand feng shui and how it can help you.

You may wish to enhance particular parts your life, identify or solve problem areas of wealth or happiness, or just simply want to create a harmonious balance of chi in your environment.

Educating yourself as much as you can, and even by just being aware of the basics of feng shui at this point will be a vital key that will serve you well in your quest for creating a better life.