Business Feng Shui Tips – Doubling Profits, Energizing Work Areas and Increasing Luck

Business Feng Shui

Did you know that feng shui is used by many businesses, offices and workplaces around the world, including fortune 500 companies, to gain that extra advantage over the competition and solidify their success and good fortune through implementing sound business feng shui principles?

business feng shui

From small family owned and run grocery stores to international banks, these same business feng shui practices work for any type of business of any size, even if you work for someone else, feng shui will work for you.

If you’re after a promotion, looking for better business opportunities, wanting to increase sales, bring in more customers, increase profits or just be more productive, then you can employ these simple business feng shui tips in your office, home office or place of business.

  • If you’re in a job that requires you to be sitting much of the time, it is important to make sure you always sit with a solid wall behind you and so you are in full view of all the doors and windows into your office.

This is a strong business feng shui position representing support and strength and ensures that you’re always aware of what’s coming in and going out.

  • Ideally any furniture at your place of work, including shelves, tables, desks, etc. should have rounded corners or be round in shape to eliminate the creation of poison arrows or negative chi cutting through your space, from sharp protruding corners.

If sharp edges occur, they can be cured by placing plants at both ends the desk.

  • Any plants in the workspace should also not have sharp edges in their leaves for this same reason. A money plant would instead be a good addition to any workspace or desk and should be kept near the cash register or safe or any place where money is kept or needed.
  • Ensure that there are no empty boxes or empty containers, such as empty vases near the main entrance to your room or business. Feng Shui energy or new chi will be sucked into these empty spaces as it enters the room and leave nothing left for the rest of the workplace.

It is important to have the good chi circulating freely in and around your environment.

  • Any communications devices such as the fax machine, telephone, computer, etc. should be placed in the wealth area of your room. This area can be found using the Bagua map (find one on my website). This will attract more business, customers or clients to you.
  • You can also place your cash register (if you have one), petty cash box and any invoice books or sales records in this wealth area.

In the book, you should also place 3 gold feng shui chinese coins (round in shape with square holes in the center) tied together with red string or ribbon. This will attract more money to your business.

  • Clear the clutter of the room and your work desk (if you have one). This is especially important as clutter can block the flow of energy and create bad stagnant energy in your work area.

Having a clear desk will subsequently help you clear your mind resulting in better and more productive work being done.

  • Mirrors are great to have in the office, but must be used correctly. A mirror symbolically doubles what is reflected in it so placing a mirror next to your cash register or sales book for instance will double your intake of sales and wealth.

Make sure that your mirrors reflect only positive things and things you ultimately want more of.

  • Mirrors can also be used in your workspace to create more light in your room, creating a more soothing place in which to work. According to the Bagua Map, mirrors can also be placed in the Southeast, East and North direction for good business feng shui.

Be careful not to reflect the main entrance in any of your mirrors as this will reflect back out any good luck coming to you.

Using these easy business feng shui tips will have you and your business benefiting from the greater flow of positive energy, attracting more of what you want and reaping in the rewards of ultimately greater wealth luck from the universe.