Chi – Feng Shui’s Life Force

Chi Feng Shui

Feng Shui bases its fundamental principles and practices on the abstract concept of Chi. But what is this mysterious invisible element that has no form or shape and how can we use it to attract money or love or career success in our lives?

Chi, feng shui‘s amazing life force, is a powerful energy that surrounds us in an ever-evolving, ever-moving way. Also known as the ‘Breath of Life’, it is in every natural or man-made space, yet it can’t be seen.

Every living and inanimate thing possesses chi. Feng Shui is all about how to harness it, redirect it, deflect it and energize it to bring our lives into greater balance.

chi feng shui


Types of Chi

The best way to describe Chi is to think of wind and water.

Both wind and water can be still and unhealthy, can flow freely and smoothly or can be transformed into a strong wind or raging torrent respectively. So too can chi be still and stagnant (negative), flow gently and pleasantly (positive) or can be harsh and destructive (harmful chi).

The idea is to harness the good chi, remove the harmful chi and redirect bad chi to gain that perfect balance of good energy around us.

Positive chi (feng shui’s ‘sheng’ chi) is present whenever you can see, smell, feel, touch, taste or intuit something which brings you pleasure. It is the gentle flow of energy in and around your home, room or environment which is constant and friendly.

It gives us a feeling of well being, makes us feel happy and productive in our work and relationships and energizes us in positive ways.

If we aren’t feeling particularly positive in a particular location, there could very well be negative chi (feng shui’s ‘sha’ chi) present. It is found in things and places that cause you displeasure and distress such as aggressive people, excessive clutter, offensive smells, noise pollution, etc.

Surrounding ourselves with too much continuous negative chi over a period of time can have a devastating affect on our health.

The worst kind of chi (feng shui’s ‘poison arrows‘), can be even more damaging to our lives. The poison arrows or killing breath energy, comes from buildings, structures or objects that appear to attack or confront you, usually in the form of sharp protruding corners or straight lines.

Examples of these are seen with bookcases, sharp roof lines or a straight road leading to your main entrance. Situations such as these can lead to grave misfortunes or sickness.

Forces of Chi Feng Shui

The ancient Chinese believed that chi can be categorized into three main forces: heaven, earth and human. Heaven chi is the energy that emanates from the sky, from the heavenly bodies, the planets, the stars, sun and moon.

Earth chi emanates from the earth’s magnetic field and is found in the landscapes of our environment, the mountains, river and valleys.

Human chi is personal energy that we possess and that we’ve had since birth. This type of force shapes how we interact with others and our environment.

Disintegration of personal chi results in deterioration of health and the complete absence of chi results in death, hence the ‘Breath of Life’.

Understanding how to manipulate chi energy in your surroundings is essential to using feng shui correctly.

Different life areas can be targeted according to the position and layout of your room and home and special objects or enhancements can be used to control the flow or stimulate the energy of chi feng shui.

Feng shui can therefore activate luck, love or fortune in this way. It’s the relationship between the areas, the energies and the elements that result in success or failure in your feng shui endeavors and achieving your life goals.