The Power of Chinese Art

Chinese Art

When people think of using feng shui for decorating their home, they often think that they have to have Chinese art or décor in order for feng shui to be truly effective. Nothing could be further from the truth.

You’re the one that has to live in your home so you should design it with general feng shui guidelines in the style that makes you happy and comfortable.

For many people, Chinese paintings for example, will not go with the rest of style of their home. This is fine.

The only reason that I’m mentioning Chinese art here is because these paintings incorporate a lot of symbolism that more modern, western art often does not convey, in a very beautiful way. This symbolism is what is most beneficial to feng shui, not necessarily the art itself.

chinese art


Chinese paintings are often specifically designed in a way that will attract positive chi. This in turn can increase your chances of whichever area you decide to place the painting.

It can assist in your efforts for enhancing your wealth luck, your health, attract love or career success for example.

Because Chinese paintings are designed by Chinese artists, their background in chi, harmony and feng shui results in a piece of Chinese art that in and of itself creates a balance of yin and yang and of the elements.

It often also manages to capture the inner feelings and spirit of its artist. Often a Chinese painting can be the focus of one’s meditation due to this balance of peace.

chinese paintings

The Chinese art is so rich in symbolism it’s almost as if it’s conveying a visual language; a language that communicates an expression of hope and good wishes to all who view it, own it or receive it as a gift.

This is because the Chinese believe that the artwork can also be a way of ensuring the health and happiness of people.

With all these messages of balance, luck, wealth, health, peace and happiness all expressed in one piece of art, it certainly makes for a compelling case for using Chinese paintings for feng shui.

They’re also very visually appealing and often stunningly beautiful.

When choosing a Chinese painting, you can base your choice on what looks good, what makes you feel good or what works best with your current interior design.

koi fish painting

You might also want to consider what kind of symbols that it depicts and if you can identify with it. Your Chinese art should ultimately improve the living space through the message of the image as well as its placement in your home.

If you’re thinking of buying a beautiful Chinese painting then I recommend you check out this link. Browse the gallery online and you’re sure to find something that appeals to you. There are so many designs to admire and choose from.