Feng Shui: Activating Wealth Energy for Prosperity

Feng Shui Activating Wealth

In Feng Shui, activating wealth and prosperity is one of the most popular of feng shui lessons. When feng shui is used to increase wealth, luck or abundance, it is said to be regarded as earth luck.

There are three types according to the trinity of luck, tien ti ren, they are heaven luck, earth luck and mankind luck. When using feng shui, activating wealth will mean to simply enhance your earthly surroundings to generate more earth luck.

Wealth is associated with the southeast corner of your home and this is where you should focus all of your efforts.

The southeast corner is represented by the wood in the five elements and water feeds wood and helps it to grow in accordance to the cycle of productivity of Feng Shui.

feng shui activating wealth

Activating wealth using this principle, means that any symbols of water like paintings, motifs of fish or oceans decorating the southeast walls is a great idea.

Combine this with actual sources of water such as gold fish bowls, small fountains or desktop water features and you are well on your way to creating the most effective ways to vitalize your prosperity energy, and keep it flowing strong.

The water used must be calm, free flowing and clean, so a dirty fish tank or picture of an unused fountain would not help.

Installing a fish tank is not only a great way of introducing a low maintenance pet into your home, but also a very popular method for increasing your wealth and prosperity in Feng Shui. Activating wealth in this way is well known amongst feng shui consultants.

If you choose to have a fish tank or bowl, make sure that you place it in the southeast corner of your home, that the type of fish you get for it are goldfish and that there are eight of them. Eight is a very lucky number in feng shui.

Also, it is a good idea to have one black goldfish among them to absorb any negative energy (sha chi) in the room. If this sounds like too much of an investment of your time and money, pictures of water scenes or fish will have a similar impact.

In feng shui, activating wealth is all about creating the positive energy and harmony in your surroundings, so the pictures you use must represent harmony, calmness and also abundance, such as a beautiful still lake surrounded by lush, breathtaking forestry.

The overall effect of the different techniques will not only create a more harmonized, happy home and life for you, but wealth will now most certainly be coming your way.

The impact of the water element in the southeast corner of your home is the reason why fish aquariums or miniature fountains have become so popular for Chinese families. This idea can be maximized even further if you have a garden outside your home.

In Feng Shui, activating wealth energy can be promoted or enhanced inside as well as outside your home.

You can build and install a small gold fish pond, a water fountain or even a well which would all contribute to your wealth if placed in the right corner, but remember to make sure the water is clean and free flowing, enabling the attraction of positive chi.

Ultimately, this will help you to achieve optimum prosperity and harmonization in your home and life, and keep it flowing for years to come.

There are many more principles, cures, and techniques to learn in feng shui. Activating wealth, attracting love and creating happiness are some of the major reasons people look to feng shui for answers.

The answers lie within this ancient wisdom and it’s many forms, and those who seek to learn more and more can only increase their potential for creating and attracting more of what they want in their lives and less of what they don’t.

The information I’ve given you here will be a strong starting point for activating your wealth, but when you combine these techniques with other feng shui principles like the flying star, four pillars or the five elements, you can then start to truly understand how to utilize all this ancient art has to offer, and dramatically change your life forever.

Using feng shui, activating wealth and attracting abundance and luck, is easier than you think.