Feng Shui Career Success – Your Way to the Top

Feng Shui Career

In feng shui, career and opportunity areas of your home are the target zones where you should be focusing your efforts in your goal to reap success and even reach the top in your work life.

Located in the North direction on the Bagua map, this part of your home is precisely where you need to employ effective feng shui to attract the career energy you need.

As you might already know, feng shui is very powerful and can be used effectively to target certain parts of your life like your career for example, and enhance the energy you need for the success you want.

However, you have to know the right way to do it. Implementing feng shui the wrong way could have extremely negative effects which will unknowingly slow your efforts down, or even undo them.

Working with the right colors and elements to activate this energy, you’ll be able to bring about success in your career whether you work at home or outside in an office environment.

Let’s start focusing on your feng shui career success and luck right now by using the following principles and guidelines.

Your Career Area

Each area of the Bagua map relates to different parts of your life and is also governed by a particular element. Your feng shui career area is located North when using the bagua, and is best represented by the water element.

According to the feng shui cycle of productivity, water is produced by metal and so metal can also be used in this area to help energize the effects of water.

By water I mean anything that symbolizes, contains or shows water can be used to help represent the presence of the element. Things like paintings, fish tanks, symbols and pictures, and the same goes for the metal element.

Metal is complimentary to water and both can be used, but water is simply the more powerful element in this area and so the focus should be more on that.

Don’t forget about the cycle of destruction that exists too. Certain elements destroy and effectively weaken the other elements if they are present in the same area.

Wood, earth and fire related objects should not be here at all. For example, wooden picture frames, plants, candles, red, green and other earth tones should be avoided in this area so your efforts for feng shui career success aren’t weakened.

Energizing Objects for Your Career

feng shui career

Your career energy, either in your home or office, can be enhanced very easily by introducing a small aquarium or water feature in the North sector.

In feng shui, balance is extremely important so don’t make the feature too big or it will dominate the area, bringing imbalance, drowning you in negative energy and consequently bad feng shui career success.

If you work in your bedroom, which you should really avoid doing, don’t use any type of water feature as it will bring bad energy. The best thing to do is find a quiet room or section in the north area of your home.

Find a place where you can focus on your work and your feng shui water and metal efforts, so you can leave the bedroom and preserve your sacred resting space.

Your feature should have flowing water. A water feature that’s motionless represents stagnant chi and therefore bad energy which is much worse than having any water there at all.

Your feng shui career luck will be best enhanced with a feature where water can flow freely like a small waterfall, swimming healthy fish or even oxygen bubbles created by the pumps the keep water moving in the tank.

These are all ideal ways to energize the water element in your career area for more success.

Although ideal, sometimes having a water feature in your office just isn’t an option, but don’t worry. Water can still be represented by pictures or photos or amazing waterfalls or flowing rivers which can still be extremely effective in energizing your feng shui career area.

Remember, always put your efforts for enhancing career energy on the north wall according to the bagua.

If hanging pictures isn’t even an option, you can use the colors associated with water and your career which are blue and black. Use these colored objects or decor to help energize and maximize your efforts.

Don’t forget, you can also include metal items here like coins or magnets for example, but make sure they don’t overpower the water element.

Feng Shui Fun in the Office

Wherever you work, simply employ these feng shui career cures to the north area or your space (according to the bagua), either at home, the coffee shop, or even on the fifth floor office.

If you work in a cubicle or office environment with a desk, make sure it’s positioned so that you have a full view of the rooms entrance and windows and ideally with your back to a wall for support.

If possible, choose a desk with rounded corners and not sharp ones. Sharp corners are known as poison arrows and attract bad energy.

If sharp corners can’t be avoided, counter their effects with plants on each side of the desk. Remember, clutter-free environment are always best in feng shui to allow the energy to flow freely and stay healthy.

Keep it tidy, even in your drawers and you’ll be well on your way to achieving your feng shui career success!