Feng Shui Ceremonies For Eliminating Bad Energy

Feng Shui Ceremonies

When a property feels to have a negative flow of energy inside and around the exterior of your home, rendering effective feng shui principles useless no matter how much you try, you are going to need to conduct  blessings or feng shui ceremonies.

This will help to get rid of the negative chi which has a hold over your home.

If you have ever experienced extremely terrible luck, for example you have become bankrupt more than once or divorced over and over, and it feels like there is a force taking control of the energy in your home, performing these ceremonies can really help to turn things around for you.

It can feel like something is purposefully creating ongoing problems and strings of bad luck for you and you cannot logically figure it out.

Chances are you are dealing with a more spiritual challenge and will need to take a spiritual approach to clear and change the energy, create a better environment for those within.

Feng shui ceremonies are remedies that can be performed to bless the house and change it for the better.

For example, a rice blessing can help energize the whole house and even you.

Remedies such as this can help correct negative energies that are filling in and around your property and “cure” them to help you have a healthier happier home, free from negative chi that is otherwise not your doing.

Feng shui ceremonies have many ways to address this problem but I’m going to share with you one of the most effective below.

The House Blessing

feng shui ceremonies

Now it’s time to change things around using traditional teachings of feng shui ceremonies to help you lead a better life. You can perform this blessing any time of the day or night.

Standing outside of your house, touch all of your finger tips together and hold your hands like this while repeating a short, calming prayer or chant to yourself.  You must do this nine times in order to sooth the mind and body, ready to begin.

Next you will need a reasonably large bowl, made from glass, into which you will pour uncooked rice until the bowl is around three quarters full.  If you have an exceptionally large property, you may need another bowl. Any type of raw rice will do.

Cinnabar power is red in color, energizing and positive,  and available from Chinese herbalists.  You will need to add some powder to the rice in your bowl(s).

Liquor is next.  No, you’re not going to drown your sorrows and dwell on your problems, not yet anyway. Simply add nine splashes from a bottle that is newly opened. Any type will do.

Now using your middle finger, if you’re a woman use the left hand, if you’re a man the right, and stir the mixture one hundred and eight times.

You will also need to repeat a chant or prayer of your choice while stirring, this can be tricky so to help, you can choose to use ten toothpicks, which you can move aside one by one, every ten stirs to help you count.

Now position yourself at the mouth of chi on your house, this would be where your entrance meets the street or front path meets the street, depending on the type of house you have. Now throw three hand fulls of rice, one at a time into the air, as high as you can.

Each time, visualize the energy and life of the property being vitalized, truly empowered, and also repeat your chosen prayer or chant with each throw.

Feng shui ceremonies such as this house blessing usually involve many steps and must be performed in exactly the right way.

It’s also important to note that you should be visualizing what you intend to achieve out of it; positive energy and a better life and always with good intention.

Next, throw three more handfuls side to side, repeating your chosen words and seeing the bad energy, the problems and bad luck being cast aside, leaving your property.

Three more handfuls should be thrown to the ground, visualizing the planting and growing of of good things to come into your life. Repeat your chosen words each time you cast the rice.

Start to walk around the perimeter of your home, casting the rice up and to the ground or to the sides where you feel instinctively that it is needed.

Again you must always visualize the positive seeds your are planting and the energy your are giving the property.  Remember to repeat the prayer at each throw of the rice, while visualizing.

When you reach the front entrance to your home again, toss three handfuls of rice at the door to help bless the house itself as well as the land.

The last thing left to do when performing these type of feng shui ceremonies is to cast three more handfuls of rice high in the air, aiming for the sky, and ask for heaven’s blessing.

Now take your middle and ring finger and flick them outwards nine times, visualizing the success of the feng shui ceremonies, and that your dreams of a happy healthier life and home will happen.  You must remember to chant your prayer during this final process of the blessing.

The feng shui ceremonies are now complete.  You can look forward to a far more positive environment and better life all round in this property.

Make sure that you now focus on feng shui principles inside your home to maximize the positive chi and take your happiness to the next level.

It all lies in your hands now, your home has been giving a revitalizing lift, clearing the bad energy and creating a space of positive and uplifting spirits using one of the most powerful feng shui ceremonies, it’s up to you to take it take it further.

I wish you good luck and positive thoughts in all you do.