I Ching Coins: Feng Shui Coins that Bring You Money

Feng Shui Coins – I Ching Coins

In the world of feng shui, one the most popular good fortune symbols are feng shui coins also known as I Ching coins. They are ancient Chinese  coins with a square hole at their center.

Although any coins can really be used to symbolize wealth, these feng shui coins traditionally have the greatest potential and especially when they’re energized by tying them together with red thread or ribbon.

i ching coins

Characteristics of Feng Shui Coins

These i ching coins are usually gold colored in appearance and represent Yin and Yang on their respective sides. Symbolizing the unity of heaven and earth, these coins have Chinese characters on each side and it’s important to know which side is which.

A collection of four Chinese characters means you’re looking at the Yang side, only two characters are on the reverse, the Yin.

I Ching Coins for Attracting Fortune

The coins have great potential to attract good fortune in your life, increasing your prosperity and wealth luck to bring you all you desire.

As with everything in feng shui, it’s absolutely critical that you learn the right way to use the i ching coins in different situations for increasing your wealth.

You must ‘activate’ the i ching coins to maximize their potential for bringing you prosperity and fortune.

You can do this by taking 3 of the i ching coins and tying them together with red string, thread or ribbon. Now, you have your 3 feng shui coins, all tied up, so… what do I do with them you might be thinking.

Well, there’s lots of different ways you can use the i ching coins to bring you wealth, and some specific places you can put them to attract wealth in specific ways. Let me show you what I mean.

A Wealthy Happy Home

For bringing wealth and good fortune into your home, you must place the feng shui coins in your auspicious corner which is the south east corner according the your Bagua map.

Here the i ching coins can put put to best use for enhancing your wealth energy and bring great prosperity that will bless the people living here.

An important thing to remember is when placing the i ching coins on a table top, on the wall and hung up, put them Yang side up or out (the side with four Chinese characters) to better help vitalize the money energy in your life.

Activate Your Order Book and Increase Sales

If you run your own business you can use the 3 feng shui coins energized with red thread symbolizing flowing chi to bring you more sales and therefore, wealth.

Stick them to your order or sales book and make sure they’re still Yang side up. Your business can now benefit from thriving wealth energy that’s now attracted to it.

This is an extremely useful tip that’s been used for years by managers of retail stores the world over, especially Chinese stores.

You can use the exact same principle for other important documents like invoice folders or even customer files, effectively helping to increase wealth by attracting more customers, higher paying customers and therefore more sales.

Another way to help bring wealth and prosperity to your doorstep is by putting the i ching coins, you guessed it, on your doorstep.

Get nine i ching coins tied together by thick red thread and bury them under the pavement that leads to your store or home, even under the welcome mat.

This will greatly increase your sales, turnover or wealth that enters your home or business.

Wealth at Work

Attracting good fortune doesn’t have to limited to your home or business. Most of us spend at least 9 hours a day at work, whether that’s in an office, cubicle or room.

Your wealth luck can even be working for you while you’re at work by taking the 3 feng shui coins and sticking them, Yang side up to the south east side of your desk, office space or in the corner of your room!

Chinese Feng Shui Money Bags

chinese feng shui money bags

You often see the laughing Chinese buddha with a sack. Sometimes he has it on his back but in this particular statue he is holding it in his right hand. This sack represents abundance of money that the Buddha would then go and give as gifts to people.

You can make your own chinese feng shui money bags to bring you luck in attracting money.

Simply place nine gold i ching coins or feng shui coins in the center of some red cloth or red paper, then bring the ends of the cloth together and tie it with a red or yellow ribbon or string. Make as many as you like.

These should now resemble your chinese feng shui money bags. Place the bags anywhere that you receive money into your home.

You may want to put one in your purse, if you earn money through the internet or phone, then place them in these areas or if you make money through investments, then put one with your files.

You could also place your chinese feng shui money bags in your wealth corner according to the bagua map.

So no matter where you are, now you know how to make the I Ching coins help attract wealth, good fortune and bring prosperity into your life, and help achieve those dreams and goals you’ve been reaching for.

Here’s to your new good fortune, wealth, prosperity, health and happiness with feng shui coins!