Tips for Using Feng Shui Design Remedies In Your Environment

Feng Shui Design Remedies

Feng shui design remedies or cures are direct ways to balance out energy within a home, relating to a specific problem area that is causing sha chi or bad energy.

They’re are based upon lots of feng shui principles like the five elements and the productive cycle for instance, utilizing their techniques to counter-act the imbalance of energy, resulting in a much more harmonious space that positive energy flows freely throughout.

Feng shui explains that objects as small as coins or as large as the ocean all play important factors in creating a harmonious environment, full of good chi.

Where as coins can easily be moved or repositioned according to a feng shui principle, something as large as the ocean cannot be moved, repositioned or gotten rid of.

Typically, this is where feng shui cures can come into play, to help balance out an area of your home by taking action that absorbs or redirects the negative energy caused by external factors outside of your control.

They can also be used simply to enhance your wealth, love, health, creativity etc, there doesn’t always have to be a particular ‘illness’ affecting your energy and your home to it, you may just desire to enhance certain areas of your life using specific feng shui design remedies.

The Dragon

feng shui design remedies

One of the most powerful feng shui design remedies or cures is the use of the dragon symbol inside your home.  The symbol is a very auspicious and traditional feng shui design remedy and represents strong yang or male energy.

Additionally, if the dragon has a pearl of crystal grasped in it’s claw, it means that it attracts power, wealth and an abundance of opportunities.

Having a feng shui dragon anywhere in your home is auspicious but it’s best to place them in higher energy areas, not in areas like the garage, or closet and also place the dragons at eye level, not too low or high.

More than one is fine too but do not place typically more than five in your home, five should be maximum.

The dragons are available in variety of colors and materials, so a green dragon  would be good to place in the east area of your home in increase health, where as a golden dragon will increase your wealth, and should be placed towards the southeast corner.

Examples of Feng Shui Cures

Here are some specific feng shui design remedies and cures to fit a certain imbalance in your space or office, some of them may apply to you.

Especially when we go out to work and spend a large percentage of our time in a certain environment, we need to make sure that we can allow good chi to flow freely.

In most cases, feng shui design remedies and cures are needed for people who work in offices where the environments layout is predetermined and cannot change, even if it does not reflect good feng shui.

Don’t worry, just follow what I suggest below for the most requested feng shui design remedies for office problems, and you will be on your way to creating a space that positive energy can thrive in, and that will in-turn, turn your life around.

Illness – While sitting at your computer, you should be able to see outside, but you cannot, what can you do?

Cure – If there is no way to position yourself to view outside, hang a picture of a soothing outdoor scene, or even a calendar with images of nature and the natural environment so you eye can see it at a glance.

Illness – You should always be situated so that the main entrance to the room you are in is easily within your sight, but what happens if you can’t see it, and cannot position yourself to do so?

Cure – This is important, you must be able to see the entrance of the room you are in.  An alternative would be to use a convex mirror, the kind you can attach in your car to view more traffic in your blind spot. Attach it to the side of your monitor so you can always see the entrance.

As you can see, feng shui design remedies can immediately impact the energy in your space, dispersing the negative chi and inviting positive in and around you.

Applying Feng Shui Design Remedies

There are thousands of feng shui design remedies, each as specific and personal to the problem itself and the person in their surroundings.

A great understanding of feng shui principles can put you in good stead to curing any bad feng shui you may experience, or simply use the ancient art to increase your happiness, wealth, luck or love currently in your life.

Remember, our thoughts also have energy, good and bad, and are extremely powerful, so visualize your goals, whatever they be and create your own positive energy too.

Feng shui design remedies are a great way to immediately impact your life, but are no substitution for the understanding of how the feng shui principles actually accomplish this.

Knowledge is power, the power to change your life. However knowing is not enough, we must apply.

You should know that with good and bad energy or chi, like attracts like.  So when whenever we create positive energy, we attract more of the same, and unfortunately the same principle applies to bad energy, which we don’t want.

So think positive to create your own energy, attract more of it, and use feng shui design remedies to create a environment of positive energy, and all you desire in your life can be yours!