Feng Shui Designs for Attracting Love or Romance

Feng Shui Designs

Whether you’re single and looking for love, going on holiday and looking for a bit of summer loving, married and wanting to spice up some romance in your marriage, in a relationship and wanting to take it to the next level or any combination of the above, you can use the ancient art of of feng shui to do it.

feng shui designs

Using these tried and tested feng shui designs in your bedroom, you’ll soon have the energy of the universe working to make your dreams come true.

According to the Bagua Map, the south west corner of your home or bedroom is your love corner. If you live with friends, family or flatmates, then you will probably want to restrict your feng shui love zapping to your bedroom for privacy as well as effect.

This corner is ruled by the element of earth and helped by the element of fire. We’ll need to refer to this information later.

Clear the Clutter

The number one rule for feng shui designs is — remove the clutter. Make sure there is no clutter in your bedroom because, as we know, clutter can cause negative and stagnant energy to build up restricting the flow of chi which in turn can have devastating effects on our lives.

Throw away anything old and unused and remove any unnecessary furniture. Then sweep, dust, vacuum or mop the room.

The object is to get the space as clear as possible to allow the flow of positive energy to circulate in our bedrooms and also subsequently to help clear our minds of negative thoughts, worries and problems.

Now we’ve cleared the room of clutter, we need to clear the air of negative energies, perhaps from past loves or bedroom partners.

We can use feng shui designs to do this by simply opening those windows, changing the sheets, airing out those pillows and mattress, spraying the room with your favorite perfume or scent and putting on some loud fabulous music to help get the energy circulating.

Make sure to remove any sentimental objects attached to the memory of past loves including photos and letters.


If you think the build up of past energies is still heavily present in your bedroom, you can go one step further by performing a powerful space clearing ritual known as smudging which will clear those negative energies right out and restore balance.

Buy a smudge stick, usually made of sage, and an incense holder. When in your bedroom, light the end of the stick and blow it out, like incense, then place in the holder. As it smokes, walk around your bedroom making sure that all corners are affected with the smoke.

Then place it in the middle of the room and allow it to burn down. Once the smoke has settled and the space is clear, we can now utilize the power of feng shui designs’ love principles and enhancements to attract love and romance into our lives.

Decorating the love den

Now comes the fun part – decorating your bedroom using feng shui designs. Here are some basic principles to follow when decorating. Keep your display new and changing to keep the spark alive and the energy vibrant.

When shopping for items or objects, think pink and think sexy, hot and romantic. Pink is the color of love so tune in to that color when decorating your bedroom. Red may be too overpowering, so pink is the way to go and earthly yellows are good too.

Don’t overdo a display or color. Remember, you need to create balance in your bedroom. Too much of a good thing is not so good. Two of everything should be displayed. Everything should be paired to resemble a relationship of two sides.

Singular items or more than two, will not give off the right signals.

Remember the elements of earth and fire are good in your love corner according to feng shui designs. Think of objects and designs that resemble these elements for full effect and remove anything resembling wood or metal as these will harm your efforts.

Examples of ideal love objects to display in the southwest love corner of your bedroom. Don’t use all of these objects at the same time. Mix and match them as you see results then go with the feng shui designs that work best for you.

  • Crystals – especially natural quartz or raw amethyst. If your southwest corner has a window, hang your crystal on a string above the window so that the light can reflect through the crystal and shine out your intentions or if you have it, a crystal chandelier would be a great love energizer in this area.
  • Sun or earth symbols or motifs, or a globe.
  • Terracotta, ceramic or earthenware pots, jars or bowls – place artificial silk flowers or peacock feathers in them.
  • Candles or bright lights – a pair of pink candles that are lit every night can increase your chances of attracting love. Keep the love corner well lit.
  • Pebbles placed inside a crystal or glass bowl, filled with water and a floating candle that is lit every day will draw auspicious love energy your way. The pebbles can be any color, but earthy and pink hues will work best.
  • To particularly enhance your marriage prospects, get your hands on a couple of lovebirds or duck pictures or statues, chinese red lanterns or decorate with chinese love knot feng shui designs.
  • Artificial peony flowers – never use real flowers in the bedroom.
  • Artwork or photos of happy couples in metal frames – never display a photo of you on your own or this will attract singledom.
  • Two bookends or statues.
  • Two vases with artificial flowers.
  • The Chinese double happiness symbol.

These are just some examples of feng shui designs for zapping your love area and life, but if you can incorporate the principles with the right elements and colors, then you can create your very own feng shui designs of symbols or objects that represent love and romance and that are personal to you.

And of course, as always, send out your intentions every day and be open and ready to accept love and romance into your life and you’ll soon have Mr. or Ms. Right or Mr. or Ms. Right Now, knocking on your door.