Feng Shui Elements – The Cornerstone of Feng Shui Theory

Feng Shui Elements

There are five feng shui elements – water, wood, fire, earth and metal. These elements refer to the materials of objects in and around your home and how the energy of these objects interact with each other in positive or negative ways.

The way in which these objects interact and their locations can help or hinder the energy for attracting the particular luck we desire, whether it be for wealth, fame, love, children, mentors, career, education, relationships or health.

These feng shui elements are a core concept and should be fully understood to get the most benefit from using feng shui.

Cycles of the Feng Shui Elements

Productive Cycle

The feng shui elements can be arranged in a cycle which helps to understand their power. Each element creates the next element to the right in the cycle, hence we see which elements work well together.

The productive cycle is as follows:

feng shui elements

The diagram above logically shows that water produces wood, wood makes fire, fire produces earth, earth creates metal and metal in turn makes water, and so the cycle repeats itself.

Let’s look at an example of how this productive cycle works in feng shui. We know that wood is the element which strongly represents your wealth energy in the southeast corner of your home, office or room. This means that we must energize the wood element in this area to attract more wealth.

According to the productive cycle, we also know that water makes wood, so this element will also work to attract wealth energy in this corner.

Both wood and water of the feng shui elements will work well together to help attract more money to you if energized in your wealth corner so placing items such as a leafy green plant, or water feature in the southeast corner of your home, will help bring you wealth luck.

Destructive Cycle

As the productive cycle can produce positive results, the destructive cycle of the feng shui elements alert you to what you shouldn’t use together because these cause negative results and can harm any intentions you may have for that particular area.

The destructive cycle is as follows:

feng shui elements

The diagram shows that wood devours earth, earth destroys water, water extinguishes fire, fire consumes metal and metal in turn demolishes wood, and so the cycle repeats itself.

Let’s look at an example of how the productive cycle can work against you. We know that wood is the element for attracting wealth in the southeast corner and water helps it, but according to the destructive cycle of feng shui elements, metal destroys wood.

This means that any objects representing metal, such as metal wind chimes, bells, jewelry or magnets should not be hung in this corner as it will be harmful for wealth prospects. Make sure that any metal objects in this area is removed or bad money luck will befall you.

Properties of the Elements

Each of the elements are associate with certain colors which can also be used to activate its energy. You’ll find these below with locations and examples of objects which represent these elements.

Now that you know about the cycles of the elements, you are better prepared to activate them in your home in your favor.

Find the area you wish to attract luck for, find the strongest associated element, then use the productive cycle to identify the helpful element and the destructive cycle to identify the harmful element and rearrange your area accordingly.

Remember that balance is key. Too much of one element can be overpowering and more is not necessarily better.

Add a little at a time and see how it works for you. With the right balance and using your new knowledge on the feng shui elements, you’ll soon achieve wealth, health and happiness for you and your family.