Feng Shui Gifts of Wealth – The Gifts that Keep on Giving

Feng Shui Gifts

For those of you looking for that perfect feng shui gift for a fellow enthusiast or even a loved one, the choices available are vast.

Which one is the best or most powerful? Which can bring happiness or even help attract love? These are just some of the questions you’ll be asking yourself before splashing out on perfect one.

In my opinion, the ideal gift would really depend on the person you’re giving it to, and which parts of their life they’d most like to positively affect.

For many people, myself included, the gift of money is one of the most generous and it allows it’s recipient to further use it to reach other goals in their lives. It’s always a much welcomed gesture.

In feng shui, there are particularly powerful symbols that represent wealth. They can prove to continually attract prosperity into the life of those who use them wisely.

Money is a wonderful gift and in feng shui, the symbols that attract it do so over and over again, which makes them an ideal gift that keeps on giving!

Let’s look at some of the most powerful wealth and prosperity symbols, how they work and hopefully give you an idea which wealth attracting feng shui gifts are right for you.

Golden Rice Bowl

feng shui gifts

Being considered prosperous and seen as successful often comes from ones material possessions. Much more than that though, to be truly prosperous is to be living in the flow of nature, healthy and happy for a greater well-being.

In Chinese culture, greater well-being and eating well go hand in hand towards a more balanced life. It’s because of this reason that a Golden Rice Bowl is considered a symbol of great wealth in feng shui, and would make a valuable feng shui gift for anyones home.

Make sure it’s placed in the wealth and prosperity corner of your home (south east) to ensure full benefit of the wealth energy.

Chinese Jade Plant

As with all parts of your life, your wealth and prosperity area is represented by a feng shui element, in this case, wood.

Plants are traditionally a great gift for any home, but for a feng shui home, this wood based gift will help to attract more money and general prosperity into your life.

One of the best plants to choose for your feng shui gift would be the Chinese Jade plant. It has succulent healthy leaves that suggest wealth and some Chinese homes even have an actual real jade ornament of the plant to further stimulate the wealth energy.

Make sure they keep an eye on the plant, keep it healthy and be sure to replace it if it becomes dried or starts to wilt. Dead flowers represent stagnant bad energy and must be removed immediately.

The Chinese Gods of Wealth

A visit to a Chinese supermarket or local china town is where you’ll find these very popular symbols of wealth, the three star gods Fuk, Luk and Sau.

Translated literally means wealth, affluence and longevity. They are a collective group always standing side by side and can be seen in almost every Chinese home.

They’re believed to bring great good luck to your home, especially wealth luck, which is perfect for our feng shui gift ideas.

Fuk is placed in the center of the three. He symbolizes wealth, happiness and is a head taller than the other two deities. Next is Luk on the right, the god of high rank and affluence. He holds in his hand the scepter of authority and power.

Sau stands on the left with a walking stick in one hand, a peach in the other and a very pronounced rounded head.

Other symbols like the laughing Buddha with his big belly and happy face are commonly believed to bring wealth and luck into your home and would also make an excellent feng shui gift.

Ancient Chinese Coins and Red Ribbon

Another very popular feng shui gift for maximizing wealth luck are Chinese coins with the square holes in the center, bound and further energized by red string or ribbon.

You can hang 3 coins by their bound thread like a mobile in the south east corner (wealth corner) of your home. You can tape the 3 coins to your work table, or even your sales invoices books (on their south east corner) to energize your luck with money.

Even bury 9 of these coins underway your pathway entrance to your house or under the entrance mat to your apartment. This symbolizes money traveling to your doorstep, perfect!

You can readily find these feng shui gifts online or in local Chinese stores in most major cities. Choose the gifts you think the recipient would benefit from and enjoy the most.

Remember, tell them where (south east corners) and how, ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ to help them achieve maximum reward from the great wealth energy attracted by your generous gift.

Soon you’ll have built such a great reputation for giving the best feng shui gifts, people will be faking their birthdays just to receive them from you!