Feng Shui History – The Evolution of Ancient Wisdom

Feng Shui History

Feng shui history tells us that as far back as 3,000 years, feng shui was practiced. Some records even indicate it’s use some 5,000 or more years ago.

It’s such an integral part of Chinese life that it was almost officially enshrined as the science of the state. In ancient china, the term Hum Yue was used, referring to the energies of chi and translated to mean heavenly (Hum) and earthly (Yue) path.

Feng Shui History: The Early Years

feng shui history

Feng shui (pronounced fung-shway) and the way it should be practiced can be found in ancient feng shui history texts like The Book of Songs or Shih Ching as it’s known. The methods were documented over the course of many years starting in the ninth century BC.

Over the next century during the Han dynasty, the Book or Record of Rites also known as Li Chi was compiled by Kuo Po, detailing how feng shui applied to the positioning of graves.

This was from around 206 BC to 224 AD, however much later during the Sung dynasty from 960 AD to 1279, much more feng shui development was documented by Wang Chi and showed how it applied to house building.

Feng Shui Today

For many, the one man in feng shui history who’s responsible for its development over the years, laying the base for the way we know it today is Kuen Chok.

He studied the art for many years during the Tang dynasty and wrote a lot on the subject and gave us the knowledge of feng shui practice as it used today.

Still as heavily used today as it was back in feng shui history, just a visit to Hong Kong can reveal many feng shui principles in action by millionaire tycoons, financial districts and family homes alike.

In fact, Hong Kong’s terrain and geographical profile contribute greatly towards it’s wealth and prosperity energy. The island is wisely known to provide good feng shui with the mountain peaks behind and harbor to the front, all along the famous financial strip.

All houses and buildings are constructed with a feng shui consultant involved in the early stages of planning to combat negative forces that may exist and to help make the spaces more auspicious.

Lessons from a long documented feng shui history teach us how to benefit the most in our modern world.

Many offices even have eight sided rooms, one building even has a huge hole through it’s center to allow negative energy to pass through its frame without affecting the good fortune of it’s occupants.

Cautious measures are always taken to ensure buildings are designed to allow good energy to flow freely throughout their structures.

After all, it would be a very costly mistake try and correct a whole building after construction if you later realize that it’s bringing you grave misfortune. Best to get it right first time for a strong, positive start.

From five thousand years ago until this very day, feng shui history has openly taught us the best ways we can benefit from the natural energy of the universe and use it to ultimately balance and harmonize our lives.

It makes perfect sense to give ourselves the best chances we can of success, love, wealth, health and happiness so our lives can be truly fulfilling for us. It helps us to achieve all we desire and share every new glorious day to enjoy it!