Feng Shui Interior Design Tips for Success in Achieving Your Goals

Feng Shui Interior Design

If you’re looking to enhance your life and create more balance and harmony in your environment to help you reach your goals, then you should pay close attention to these feng shui interior design tips that will help you get there.

Changing your environment the right way to see a change in your life is basically the essence of feng shui. The life force of feng shui is known as chi which is energy, and comes in a positive and negative forms.

We’ll use these feng shui interior design tips to enhance the flow of positive chi in our home and eliminate any negative or stagnant energy that may already be lurking.

Negative energy may have been attracted to your space and even trapped there, which reflects on those who live there with bad luck in many different life areas (wealth, love, health, career, education, fame, children, networking and families).

So lets’ not waste another second and get to work on our feng shui interior design techniques that will help transform the energy in your home and your life.

Clutter, clutter, clutter

First things first. Before attempting any kind of re-arranging and home design, you have to get rid of any clutter. All of it.

Store it away, throw it away, anything to clear the space in your living areas. I’m talking about those magazines and papers that don’t get looked at, those messy wires, junk mail, clothes, dishes etc.

Clutter acts like obstacles when chi tries to flow freely. The more obstacles, the slower the flow of energy and sometimes it can even be trapped with just too much clutter. It becomes stagnant, unable to move and therefore goes bad, bringing you all sorts of unfortunate luck.

Stay on top of your cleaning and maintenance of your clutter free areas because before long, it will build up again without you realizing. Also, if you have any broken items, either fix them and restore their working condition or throw them away. Broken and unused items attract bad energy.

Not only will you have the foundations to a more harmonized environment, you’ll have a much clearer mind-set all round, which will help you to focus on what you want to achieve with your feng shui interior design.

feng shui interior design

Feng Shui Interior Design –
Come on in…

The position of the furniture in your living room must be welcoming to anyone who enters the area. You must have full view of the entrance to your house and windows from your seating area and preferably have it positioned with the back against the wall to symbolize support.

Try to keep the number of seats or sofas in even numbers and be sure you don’t ‘aim’ the chairs towards the all mighty and powerful TV.

In fact, the TV shouldn’t even be seen here at all, try to keep it hidden in some kind of cabinet when it’s not in use, along with the VCR and DVD player and any other electromagnetic radiating device.

This introduction to feng shui interior design is a powerful beginning to creating the positive environment you need to achieve the goals you want. Whether it be to increase your wealth, health, happiness, attract love, helpful people or any number of amazing possibilities, you’ve started on the right track.

Of course there’s lots more exciting and easy-to-do techniques that will help you along your road to harmony and success with feng shui, so get ready for the life you’ve been waiting for!

Success in life is a result of taking action, and if you’re reading these feng shui interior design tips, you’re ready for change and on your way. Travel well my friend, and happy feng shui-ing!