Breathe Life into Your Feng Shui Living Room

Feng Shui Living Room

The living room is typically the most popular area of your entire house. Taking steps to create a feng shui living room for you and your family will bring about great results and it shouldn’t take too long to see them in effect simply because this area is so active.

You might have friends over a lot, watch TV, generally socialize together with your family or even just relax, the living room is the epicenter of activity in the home and so needs to be flowing with positive, inviting energy that will help harmonize and vitalize everyone in it’s space.

Your feng shui living room will be a great help in achieving lots of other goals you may have in life, so let’s get to it and start enhancing, vitalizing and harmonizing energy for your wealth, health, happiness and more!

feng shui living room

Clutter See, Clutter Do

For those of you who are new to feng shui, let me tell you about clutter. If feng shui has an arch enemy, clutter would be it’s name.

It’s possibly the worst hindrance to any efforts you may try to put in effect and is quite possibly the reason why there might be some bad energy in parts of your life at the moment, things not going well, unhappy or even unlucky.

In a feng shui living room, it comes down to things like magazines or newspapers scattered around, even cups and ashtrays. Anything that’s untidy, unused, too busy or just plain messy will cause problems and the bigger the mess, the more problems and I’ll tell you why.

Positive energy that exists in your home needs space to flow and breath in and around your entire home, and clutter simply blocks the energy, tying it up and keeps it from flowing freely.

Clear the excess clutter in your living room so that chi and even people can easily and effortless move around and you’ll be well on your way to a feng shui living room thriving with good energy.

Room with a View

To make your feng shui living room more inviting it needs lots of fresh air and natural light. Make sure that your furniture is positioned with a full view of the entrance to the room, not with your back to it.

It’s important to have solid structure behind you when your sitting, like a wall for example to help support your vulnerable side, so position your sofa with it’s back to the wall, facing the entrance and you’re good.

Poison Arrows

Sharp edges are called poison arrows in feng shui and will attract bad energy, which is unfortunate because lots of us have dining tables or coffee tables that are square or rectangular.

As soon as you get a chance, get rid of the old sharp edge tables and find some oval or circular replacements to stop the negative energy from rearing it’s miserable head.

It’s also a good idea to use fresh flowers and fruit on the table to bring fresh lively energy to your space.

Keep an eye on them and change them whenever they need it to keep them fresh because dried lifeless flowers and rotten fruit will cause stagnant negative energy to enter your room.

Inspiring Images

In feng shui, living room space is great for framing your favorite photos of loved ones, holiday snaps and just happy inspiring pictures, displaying them for all to see.

Place them either on tables, hung on the walls or on shelves and make sure that you never put just one picture by itself. Singular pictures create an isolated and lonely feeling in your space so keep them in groups or pairs and you’ll be fine.

Books and ornaments can also be displayed in groups on shelves or books cases but remember to keep them tidy and clutter-free for great flowing feng shui energy.

Does Your TV Control You?

Your TV may act like the centerpiece of the living room, like in a lot of peoples homes. We tend to angle all of our chairs and sofas towards it, zoning out and relaxing in front of our favorite shows.

However, you must realize that the TV is counter productive to family interaction and is a huge hypnotic distraction to anyone who sees it. Also, it emits electromagnetic radiation whether it’s switched on or not.

It’s because of this reason that feng shui suggests that if you must have a TV, try to keep it stored out of view, in a cupboard along with all of the other electromagnetic appliances like DVD players, VCRs and stereos, and only reveal them when needed.

This approach will also keep the room much neater, less clutter and cables and will provide you with a feng shui living room that’s full of positive energy.

I’ve experimented with having a TV switched on for only 2 hours per day maximum, for around 18 months!

From my experience I can tell you that you will become so much more productive (like finishing those projects you never got around to), you’ll also more social with the people around you and much more positive, which is the most important thing.

Sitting in your feng shui living room and watching the TV news only to found out some poor girl has been kidnapped or someone has died just doesn’t make sense, you’re effectively inviting negative thoughts and emotions into your mind which is very powerful and should be avoided at all costs.

The less negativity you expose yourself to, the more potential to be happier and more positive in with your own thoughts you’ll become, which is what feng shui teaches us. Change your environment to see a change in your life.

After all, you control the TV and not the other way around?…Right?

Your feng shui living room will now not only be a great place to enhance positive energy, harmonizing your home and life, but it will be a space that’s so clutter-free and inviting, it will be very welcoming to any guests you have over in the future.

You can really feel the difference in a feng shui living room. So, clear that clutter, sort out your new storage areas for your electrical appliances, put your inspiring and happy photos on your wall, add some fresh flowers and sit back, relax in your positively thriving living room energy.