Feng Shui Mirrors to Double Your Wealth

Feng Shui Mirrors

In feng shui, mirrors can be an super effective tool to help increase the powerful positive energy they reflect.

In essence, they symbolically double what’s reflected in them. So any mirror used inside your home should be placed wisely, so that the mirror image is a pleasant one or better still, a powerful one.

Bouncing the Bad Energy

Feng shui mirrors are a common cure used to correct a number of ‘illnesses’ that can be found inside a home. The Shar chi or killing breath is bad energy that comes from these bad feng shui areas can be combated with a mirror.

It’ll bounce the negative energy off it’s reflective surface, diverting it’s course into your home and lead it away from you, if it’s positioned right of course.

As with all feng shui cures, take care with this and make sure a clear course out of your home is reflected in the mirror so that the bad energy doesn’t stick around. Aiming it at a doorway (not the main door) or window would be ideal.

A word to the wise, you should make sure that your mirrors do not reflect the bed of the master bedroom or the toilets.

On a positive note, convex mirrors are thought to be especially powerful as they reflect your entire room and disperse good energy steadily throughout the space.

The true power of mirrors comes from their ability to reflect, but remember, mirrors aren’t the only things that can reflect. For example, the glass screen of your TV also acts like a mirror and should be treated in exactly the same way.

This is an important thing to keep in mind and is something that’s often overlooked in feng shui, but now you know.

Mirrors and Money

feng shui mirrors

In feng shui, mirrors can be great in your dining room. A full length mirror is ideal to help reflect the food on the table and everyone around it.

This will effectively double the bounty on the table, therefore your wealth, and also the friendship between everyone around it.

Something important to remember about mirrors is that they should never be positioned so that they ‘cut-off’ someones head. I don’t mean stick the mirror out horizontally from your wall, ready to slice anyone who walks by, very bad feng shui by the way.

What I mean consider the tallest person in your home and make sure that you hang the mirror on the wall, and position it higher than that person so that they’re head isn’t missing from the mirrors reflection.

Here’s a great tip for increasing your wealth using feng shui mirrors. If you have your own business with a cash register, or even a personal savings box in your home, you can use a mirror to effectively double your wealth.

Simply put a mirror on the wall next to your cash register, and make sure it’s fully reflected. Putting it on a side wall is best as you’ll still get the positive wealth reflection and won’t be reflecting the entrance of your store or room which is very important.

In this case with feng shui, mirrors that also reflect a doorway will present a way for your wealth to leave you out of the reflected entrance, so be very careful with this placement. It’s also generally wise to keep the register hidden from view from the outside.

Adopt a positive feng shui attitude when performing this cure, visualizing your financial goal and then prepare to double your turnover!

When feng shui mirrors are used properly and with the right mind set, they can be an extremely powerful tool to help enhance the positive energy in many different parts of your life and ultimately bring you the harmony, happiness and wealth you’ve been searching for!