Feng Shui Music – Get that energy flowing!

Feng Shui Music

In feng shui, music is a great antidote for stale, stagnant energy. When bad energy accumulates, it also accummulates bad health and bad luck.

This type of energy persists with clutter, stuffy enclosed spaces, and even spaces or rooms that have been previously been occupied by either an ill person or people who have argued a lot.

This build up of bad, negative energy persists unless cleared. Music is one effective way to clear this energy.

Stale, stagnant energy often felt in winter, or a very quiet, closed up space is very yin energy. Too much of this energy can result in ailing health of the occupants of the home, anything from a cold to more serious long-term illnesses and depression. Your home could be making you sick.

Music is very much yang energy. There needs to be a balance between yin and yang energies in any room or home for feng shui to work its magic.

Feng Shui Music to Lift Your Mood

There needs to be a good flow of the energies circulating so that you can be effective in your efforts for increasing your health, wealth, love, happiness and abundance using feng shui.

Using music for feng shui, or feng shui music, is great when you’re spring cleaning or clearing out the clutter. Make sure you open those windows, light up the room and crank up the music and feel the energy moving.

feng shui music

If you do this every day, you’ll not only air out your room, get rid of that negative energy and get that positive energy flowing, but you’ll also feel so much better.

Music has a way of lifting our spirits. And it can be any music that you like, it doesn’t have to be pan pipes and violins. As long as there’s not constant loud angry yelling or negative cursing in your music, it will heal your home and its occupants.

Although you can use any type of music, there are certain sounds that have extra power in feng shui. Music that is pleasant to the ear or gets you moving, dancing or tapping your feet will help.

Anything with drums and trumpets create great feng shui music. If you play these instruments, practicing them in the south corner of your home will activate fame luck.

Bells and windchimes are also great in this area. Being instruments of metal, these are good in the south but must be kept away from the east and southeast.

Remember there should be a balance of yin and yang energies in a room so never play music all the time as this will create an imbalance of yang energy.

Also, if your room is brightly painted with bold colors (very yang), than loud music in the same room will again create too much yang energy.

So next time you’re feeling a little down, a little ill or maybe even lacking some energy, a cheap, quick and easy pick-me-up would be to put on your favorite CD, crank up the volume, and sing and dance your way happy with feng shui music.