Feng Shui Symbols for Attracting Wealth and Fortune

Feng Shui Symbols

In the world of feng shui, symbols that represent a variety of different energies can be used wisely throughout your home, potentially transforming your life. One of the most popular areas that people look to feng shui for help with is their financial state.

Powerful and traditionally effective symbols can attract greater wealth energy into your home, bringing you more money and greater fortune to help you live a much more balanced, harmonized and happier life.

We’ll discuss each powerful wealth symbol and how you too can use it in your space to achieve greater prosperity and wealth for you and your family.

Feng Shui Symbols – The Color of Money

In some countries money is green, some blue, yellow or even pink. However, feng shui wealth has a much stricter set of colors and it’s only a wise use of these that will bring you the wealth luck you desire.

Red is a yang good luck color especially used in auspicious times like Chinese New Year and birthdays when people are given small red packets containing money, symbolizing goodwill. Red is used to attract good fortune and generally symbolizes happiness, warmth and prosperity.

In Chinese culture, it’s also believed that black water is auspicious for attracting money, now one of the common feng shui symbols of wealth. Other colors like gold and yellow which are the traditional colors of the emperor and imperial families are also said to be auspicious.

Times of new beginnings and growth are symbolized by green, representing spring and is also auspicious.

Feng Shui Symbols – A Three-Legged Toad?

feng shui symbols

Yes, you read that right. With it’s roots deep in Chinese mythology, the three-legged toad is a symbol that represents wealth.

Usually having a string of connected coins along the side of it’s body, six each side, one in it’s mouth and sitting on a pile of Chinese gold ingots (ancient Chinese currency).

The frog should be placed facing the main entrance of your home or building and is said to suck in wealth chi (energy).

Feng Shui Symbols – Gold-Fish

Aquariums are popular feng shui symbols of wealth. In an aquarium, it’s best to use goldfish for attracting wealth. Eight gold colored fish and one black fish should be used.

Gold colored because gold represents wealth and eight because it’s a prosperous number in feng shui numerology and one black fish for protection.

Eight sounds like Cantonese for the word ‘prosperity’, it symbolizes prosperity in the future and it’s written in an unbroken line symbolizing continuous flow.

An aquarium that’s aerated is best as the movement stimulates to flow of energy. Also, be sure that it’s well maintained and cleaned often.

Stagnant water represents negative energy which is what will be attracted if the aquarium is not cared for. It’s best to put the aquarium in the wealth corner of your home for optimal benefit.

As you can see from these three very popular feng shui symbols, wealth can be attracted into your life by using the right symbols in the right areas of your home, in the right way.

Misusing them can bring worse effects than having them at all so it’s important to understand their role in bring you prosperity before you put them into action.

There’s much much more to learn about symbols and there are lots out there, but you can start safe from here and see what works best for you. Here’s to your wealth success and happiness with feng shui symbols!