How a Fish Aquarium can Bring you Money

Fish Aquarium

A fish aquarium is an excellent addition to any feng shui home.

As the element of water represents the flow of life, prosperity and wealth, having a beautiful aquarium setup that is well maintained, active with healthy fish and placed in an ideal feng shui sector of your home or office will subsequently enhance your chances for good fortune and success.


Often used as a feng shui cure for counteracting negative energy areas, a fish aquarium brings a sense of perfect balance and harmony to an area by representing a combination of each of the five elements.

The water element of course is in the tank, the wood element is depicted by plants in the aquarium, the metal element is the glass tank itself, earth is represented by any gravel or rocks on the bottom of the tank and fire is characterized by the color red, gold and orange which can either be the fish themselves or the lighting of the tank.

The oxygenator bubbles in an aquarium are also great for increasing the flow of chi energy. Stagnant water represents stagnant chi which is inauspicious. Make sure the water is fresh and flowing.

Where to Put a Fish Aquarium
for Feng Shui Luck

The ideal areas to place a fish aquarium in the home or office is in the career sector (see the bagua map) for success in job prospects, the wealth and opportunity sector for wealth luck and general prosperity or in the family sector for happiness in all the things that money can’t buy.

Never place a fish aquarium in the bedroom or kitchen as this will result in overpowering energies.

What type of Fish is best?

In terms of the type of fish that you should keep for maximum efficient feng shui auspiciousness, the best feng shui fish to keep is the arowana although the pure bred arowana often comes with a high price tag. You could also keep koi or goldfish.

Ideally you could get 8 red, orange or gold, goldfish and one black goldfish. 8 is a Chinese lucky number and the black fish is there to absorb any negative energy in the area.

How to Choose the Tank

When you are looking for a tank for your fish, the recommended shape will be determined by where you plan to place it. In the career sector, a round fish aquarium is best as this shape represents the metal element.

An aquarium like this biorb fish bowl is ideal and looks great. Get it for a good price here.

fish aquarium

For the family or wealth sectors, the square or rectangular fish tanks are best as these shapes represent the element wood. If you’re new to keeping fish but would like an easy to start up aquarium kit, then check out these biocube aquariums here.


The biocube is the easiest tank to set up and a great fish aquarium for beginners. It comes with a lot of the necessary components built-in including a book on how to set it up and comes in a great range of sizes.

No matter what type of fish aquarium you decide on, perhaps the biocube or the biorb, make sure that you keep it looking beautiful and clean, that the water is oxygenated and the fish are kept happy and healthy, the plants vibrant and the lighting good.

Send your fish aquarium regular good energy and you’ll not only see your fish thrive but your life thrive too.