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Hi and welcome to WaytoFengShui. My name is Lin Mai and as a Feng Shui author and long-time enthusiast, I've discovered and enjoyed the incredible benefits of using Chinese feng shui that have literally changed my life.

I believe everyone's entitled to live a life of abundance and happiness...which is why I'm so excited to share with you the best Chinese feng shui techniques and how you can easily use them in your home today, free of charge.

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  • Make big life changes with Feng Shui, from generating more prosperity (cash flow) or putting the spark back into a relationship, it's all here
  • Sure fire ways to boost the power of your homes energy and
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  • How to increase your personal attraction, even attract new relationships
    aswell as new friends to completely enhance your life
  • Discover the secret to enhancing favorable energy and getting
    rid of bad energy (for good) to transform your home into a
    sanctuary of harmony
  • Is the location of your house considered lucky? Learn why the location
    of your house can be downright dangerous to your wealth and can stop
    your fengshui efforts dead in their tracks, and which simple, one-step
    cure you can use to make sure it never affects you again.
  • How a simple decorating trick can spark off more love interest in
    your life and help attract the partner you've been looking for.
  • Simple steps you can take to promote greater health and vitality in your
    life and your family's lives and increase the strength of your family connections.
  • Much, much more!


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