Indoor Water Fountains for Peace and Prosperity in the Home

Indoor Water Fountains

Indoor water fountains are becoming much more prevalent now than ever. As we spend more time indoors and retreat from the sometimes harsher climatic elements of the outdoors, we tend to bring in with us symbols and objects of the outside environment to decorate our homes.

There are so many benefits to indoor water fountains. The sounds of trickling water gives us peace and calmness.

It can also help to diffuse negative ions in the air and with so many styles and designs to choose from, having one in your home can make for a pleasing, vibrant part of your decor.

Feng Shui Benefits of Indoor Water Fountains

In feng shui, as water is the symbol of wealth and prosperity, having an indoor water fountain can help attract more money into your life.

It can also unblock stressful and tense atmospheres in the home or at work, improve your chances of career success, overcome negative and harmful cycles and improve health troubles, if placed in the right areas.

Indoor water fountains are more popularly found in the form of tabletop water fountains which means that even a small apartment or space can benefit from them. Just make sure that they are in an area that will enhance rather than hurt your chances for good luck.

This water bell tabletop fountain provides the tranquil sounds of trickling water with the delicate yet heavenly sounds of chimes for complete harmony in your home.

tabletop water fountains

Where to place an Indoor Fountain

In terms of placement, you should never place an indoor water fountain or tabletop water fountain in the fame area of your home or room. This area is associated with the element of fire so the water will be in direct conflict here corrupting your chances of fame or tarnishing your reputation.

Also, you should never have a fountain in your bedroom. The fast moving water of the fountain can cause worry and anxiety and may result in disrupted sleep or a lack of sleep.

Aquariums which also represent water, should not be placed in the bedroom either for this very reason.

You should place your fountain in the career area for luck in your career or job. The career area of the bagua map is found near the entrance to your home. This is why we often see aquariums at the front entrance to Chinese restaurants for luck in their business.

Placing a fountain near your front door will also counteract any negative energy from coming through your front door into your home.

As water produces or helps wood, you can also place your indoor water fountain or tabletop water fountain in the wealth area of your home or office. This will help to increase the flow of money coming into your life.

Another wood area is in the family sector. Placing an indoor fountain here will help bring harmony to your family interactions and relationships.

If you don’t have a lot of room or space, there are wall fountains like this one, that you can place on any wall.

indoor water fountains

Choosing a Fountain

If you’re having trouble trying to choose an indoor water fountain, then consider how it will look in your home. It doesn’t need to be Asian inspired in order for it to work for feng shui. Any fountain that goes with your home decor scheme is the best option.

Consider the sound of the flow of water and choose one which is calming to you. Also consider the materials that the fountain consists of.

Ceramic fountains are not good as ceramic is earth-based and conflicts with water. Fountains in wood, bamboo or metal are fine.

Also think about the size of fountain compared to the space in which you will use it.

floor water fountain

The corner of a quiet, hardly used room may need a larger feature to enhance that energy and give it more liveliness such as this beautiful lighted fiberglass floor fountain. Alternatively, a small area such as a work desk would better benefit from a small tabletop water fountain to help relieve stress.

With tabletop water fountains, you can be more flexible in your design and orientation. They are easy to install, remove, relocate, rearrange and operate when necessary and all they need is an electrical outlet for the pump and a table to put them on.

There is no water wastage as the water is simply recycled back through the fountain continuously so there is no maintenance required. They also come in a variety of styles to suit most decors, tastes and budgets.

Nothing adds tranquility and peace to a room than an indoor water fountain or tabletop water fountain especially when that fountain also helps increase the flow of money into your life.

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