Jade Plant and Braided Pachira – The Money Trees of Feng Shui

Jade Plant

In feng shui, money trees are trees or plants that promote good fortune and prosperity when placed in the right areas and in good health.

Technically they can be any full leafy hearty healthy green plant, however in feng shui, there are specific plants referred to as ‘money trees’. These are the jade plant and the braided pachira.

What makes the jade plant and braided pachira money trees? Well, let’s first look at the jade plant.

This plant, botanical name: crassula ovata, has green succulent leaves that really do resemble jade, hence the name.

Jade is a precious stone common in Asia that in itself is highly valued as being protective and fortunate. The leaves on a jade plant are thick and lush and are of the shape of coins.


jade plant

The braided pachira, botanical name: pachira aquatica, is more commonly what people think of when they talk of money trees. The trunk of the tree actually is braided in usually 4 to 7 sections that interweave and the leaves are long, green and lush.

If you’re lucky, you can find these braided plants with 5 leaves on each stalk and 5 stalks intertwined. In feng shui of course, the number 5 resembles the five elements. This balance of energies makes it even luckier.


Both the jade plant and pachira need to be well maintained. They are generally hardy plants and easy to look after.

They require sunlight and water, but don’t over-water them. Keeping them healthy and thriving will mean your business, career or bank account will also be healthy and thriving.

Both these money trees will brighten any part of the room although they can be better placed for prosperity.

If you have your own business or work from home, place your jade plant or pachira close to your cash register or safe. Where ever the money is kept.

In your home or office you should ideally place your plant in the wealth and opportunity sector (consult the bagua map) or you can also put it in the helpful people sector to attract supportive and beneficial people to you.

These money trees also make great gifts. If you’re looking to buy one of these money trees, then you can find the jade plants here and the braided pachira’s here. There you’ll find a range of beautiful money trees of all sizes that you can order online.

If you’re less of a green thumb, you may be interested in these little crystal money trees where the leaves are actually made of precious gemstones.


crystal tree

Although artificial, they also make great money trees.

Now that you know where to use them, where to put them and how to look after them, you’re only decision is whether to get the jade plant, the braided pachira or the crystal tree?

Make sure you get one that suits the décor and environment in which it will be placed. Remember when it thrives, so will you.

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