Living Room Color Ideas

Living Room Color Ideas

The living room, perhaps known as the TV room or the lounge room in your house, is the room where you spend the most time together as a family.

The arrangement of objects, furniture, even shapes, shades, colors and patterns of this room can set the tone for the feelings and moods that people have as well as influence the health and prosperity of those living there.

Is your living room a place of comfort, peace and happiness or do you find it more invokes a sense of tension and hostility? Perhaps it’s dull and draining when you wish it was warm, cozy or lively?

Because it is such an important room to the members of the household, it’s important that we use feng shui living room ideas to get the balance of energy here just right so that it nourishes and supports the family as a unit.

Check out this article for some basic feng shui living room ideas and for a more relaxed and harmonious vibe. Here we’ll focus more on living room color ideas.

Living Room Color Ideas

A lot of people tend to neglect the importance of color in feng shui, especially on walls. We all have our own tastes and styles so to a great extent, color is a personal choice.

When I speak of color, I mean paint or wallpaper; anything that covers your walls. It could be a tapestry or a large painting. The colors of these things if placed in your living room all have an effect on the energy there.

In terms of living room ideas on color based on feng shui, well, if you’re looking for ‘safe’ colors then you can’t go past white or beige. I mean ‘safe’ as in not devastating to the energy of that room.

living room color ideas

Of course too much white or beige can be too yang, however, you can use the décor in your living room to balance out this energy with a few yin decorations.

Having a feature wall that is more yin can help to balance out the energies a little more of a room that is too yang. Also lighting and mirrors placed in the right places can all help to balance out the energies.

Beige or white, or any neutral shades for that matter, represent the earth colors.

Painting your walls in one of these colors will not only brighten up the room making it seem fresh and welcoming, but it is a color that invokes solidity and stability. Earth colors on walls make the room cozy and nurturing which is ideal for the living room.

White is a powerful color because it can reflect and magnify all good things energy-ly-speaking. White is also the color of luck from Heaven and enhances better health and longevity.

On the flip-side, red and blue are very strong yin colors and should be avoided as living room color ideas. Red is the color of fire and blue the water of color.

To paint your walls of your living room in these colors will make you feel like your life is in flames or that you are drowning. It will drain you mentally and physically.

Either way, these are not conducive to relaxation and comfort. Avoid them at all costs.

So in summary, if you’re thinking about what color to paint your living room walls, my feng shui living room color ideas are these…if the color is more towards the scale of white than black, then go for it. Pastel shades can also work well in this room. Hope that helps.

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