Outdoor Fountains for Harmony and Balance in the Garden

Outdoor Fountains

While we have mainly looked at how to use feng shui inside the home, it’s important to note that the outdoors environment is just as important in terms of chi energy and flow.

outdoor fountainsYour garden for example has its own system of chi flowing through it.

It can also be blocked and stagnant or free and active and even if we don’t spend that much time out there, your garden can have just as much of a part to play in our lives as the flow of energy inside of our house.

As with the indoors, it is important that the chi energy be able to flow freely through your garden.

Any blockages need to be removed to allow this flow, however if the chi flows too fast, this can cause turbulence or a volatile environment.

The element of water is associated with the accumulation of chi energy and beneficial for wealth and prosperity.

The Chinese have long since know and taken advantage of the benefits of garden ponds or outdoor water fountains.

Not only is it a very relaxing and peaceful source of enjoyment but it can also bring increased prosperity luck to those living in the house.

Water can be used to speed up chi flow and to slow it down where needed. In the garden the water element can be in the form of outdoor fountains, ponds or even an artificial waterfall.


outdoor water fountain

Whichever form you use, it’s important that you place it in the right area to get the perfect balance of energies.

Outdoor water fountains are the easiest to install and maintain so we’ll focus on these. When choosing an outdoor fountain see if you can get one that is not only aesthetically pleasing to you and your garden, but also one which is in proportion to your house.

Outdoor fountains that are too small are too gentle in affect and will give us the feeling of being constantly exhausted.

Whereas outdoor water fountains that are too large can be too powerful with the water expanse you’ll feel like you’re drowning symbolically speaking. This can also be detrimental to your career prospects. Make sure you’ve got a good proportionate fountain for good balance.

lion wall fountainWhen we look at the bagua map of our garden, we can see that the water element would be best placed in the career sector, the family sector or the wealth sector, depending on which area we want to enhance.

However, during the years of 2004-2023 we can also place any outdoor water fountains in the relationships sector.

In this special circumstance, this area becomes highly auspicious inviting the water feature to symbolize future prosperity.

Outdoor fountains, ponds or water features should be placed in such a way as to have the water trickle or flow towards the house where possible. This symbolizes money rolling in.

If you think that an outdoor water fountain would be a nice addition to your garden and you’ve got the perfect area for it that will only enhance the flow of chi in your garden, then you may want to check out some gorgeous outdoor fountains online here.


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Outdoor fountains are only beneficial if they are in proportion to the house, are located in the right area allowing free flowing chi, have water that trickles towards the house and be in harmony with their surroundings for balance and prosperity.

They’re also lovely and peaceful to look at and listen to.